Contract for Supplying of School Uniforms

    • Good quality school uniforms are not that cheap. But when you look at how many different items of clothing and shoes you purchase at the beginning of the school year, you spend about the same or sometimes even less on the uniforms. IMPRESSIONS offer schools with an opportunity to make contracts with schools to meet their uniforms requirements in THREE easy ways.

      • Wholesale Product Selling
      • Working on strong and steady long term business to business relationship with many of the schools on its cliental throughout the GCC, Impressions provides school uniforms as per the requirement of school in bulk quantities. Schools will benefit from getting factory-direct prices and will manage the retail operation on their own securing full profit margin on each product sold to students.

      • Exclusive Retail Outlet inside School
      • Impressions will manage an outlet if required by school within the school promises. Impressions will manage the complete retail operation within the school promises. Price and terms will be finalized as per the agreement with school.

      • Standalone Retail Outlet
      • Impressions offers complete stand-alone outlet at a designated area outside the school. A mutual agreement will be made to define all elements of payments and other services.